...Offers a wide range of home and decor products.


When you work with us you will never have to worry about the product or the prices. Our empathetic customer service will be there for you! 

 In order to maintain streamline inventory and logistic operations, we thrive on our warehouse facility with more than 80 thousands square feet of storage space.

 We carry more than 1200+ decoration products SKUs with a stable inventory. In order to maintain the uninterrupted supply to our retail and wholesale partners, we believe in delivering the best value to our clients.

This is our 30 years of hard work that our supply partners across the world are always available to fulfill our demands right in time.

They are a true source of inspiration for us to make long lasting relationships with our retail partners in US and Canada through our stable and consistent performance. 

Feel Free to contact us at: info@hilinegift.com